Presentation of Blyweert Aluminium Sp. z o.o.

BLYWEERT Aluminium Sp. z o.o. is a newly erected warehouse/production facility with a floor area of 13.000m2 and an office building with a floor area of 500m2. In the production hall there are three paint shops, including a modern and highly efficient vertical paint shop - the first such in Poland..

Blyweert Aluminium Sp. z o.o. was established in 2007 in Warsaw. In December 2010 we moved to our new seat in Czosnow, the construction of which was financed partially with the money from the European Regional Development Fund.

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Systemy aluminiowe

The driving force of our business is hardware manufacturers.

We always remember about them !

Having in our portfolio „manufacturer-friendly” products is our motto and our goal. Using our systems, renowned and experienced companies manufacture windows, doors, sliding elements, insect screens, winter gardens, and facades.

Something interesting for everyone !

The combination of the offer of Blyweert Aluminium with the professionalism of the hardware manufacturers guarantees the individual customers comfortable life, beautiful design, energy efficiency, and safety.

Blyweert systemy aluminiowe

We keep abreast with the newest trends in the industry.

In our business we always introduce technical novelties into our systems, which is advantageous for the manufacturer and the individual customer. Our main goals are: facilitating production, improving functionality and the quality of life.

We are prepared for all questions.

The easy ones are always interesting, and the difficult ones are always a challenge. We have practical knowledge and we want to share it. Design must always be based on vast assembly and performance know-how.

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Our mutual goal is the customer’s satisfaction.

To ensure harmonious cooperation an all levels of our cooperation, we assess every joint project. We analyse mistakes, if any, memorize good solutions, always think, how to improve our products and services.

Close contact with the customers enables us to better understand their needs and to adjust to their expectations.